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Good Friday

Good Friday, Blood -day of the Eternal Lamb
Death -day of the great forever I AM
Sponge for all the evil we here do
He is Passover for me, as for each Jew

Good Friday, set before all ages and in time
Day of the Creator’s greatest rhyme
His poem where human life became eternal
Buried as Redeemer, life’s budding Kernel

He sleeps this day, germinating Seed of life-growth
Planted-God, in Whom life and death both
Exist and thrive that I may always live
In an eternity that only He can give

Good Friday, day of His death and my eternal life
May it ever cut my soul as a two-edged knife
Slicing the Bread of my everlasting Food
You are indeed Good, Day, forever Good

Sr. Judith Piszyk, OSBM

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