Praying, Healing, Life Giving Presence

Holy Eucharist

Holy Eucharist, mysterious Bread of the Flesh of God,
Eternal Thought of the Almighty
Placed in time here on earth.
Wealth-kneaded Grain
Feeding the ones open to hunger for You,
Farmer-God,plow my heart to receive You, Square and round
Ripped form the Cross,
Whole in Resurrection.
Broken from the Whole
As Bread to feed my soul,
Created as Man, Baked by the fire of His love.
A Loaf for my sharing,
Crumb for me, this Divinity,
Silent in the darkness of His house,
Hearing me from the distance of my room,
Wherever I am.
Bread angels cannot consume
Nourishing me, sinful and tainted as I am,.
The Disolver of my frailties
Humbled in me beyond the Cross,
His Blood mingling with mine
In an unlikely union of my humanness with the Divine.
This has been my life
This Bread, this Wine of Christ's Body.
How little I feel in the vastness of His Greatness.
Shall I ever willingly not receive God?
Do the petals of my prayers reach God
In the chambers of His everlasting Heart?
Is my cry loud enough to reach His Ears?
Are His Arms strong enough to carry my petty cares?
My heart need only to reach out
Into my being where the Eucharist has entered
Or to the tabernacle where He ever resides.
Eucharist, God-Man as Bread and Wine,
His will for my life here on earth.
Such Food as I will not consume in heaven
Is my Treasure as I breathe here on earth
Such Wisdom is His, such enduring Love!
What can surpass the generosity of God!
Eucharist-thanksgiving; accept my Eucharist-thanksgiving
Holy Lord Jesus, God.

Sr. Judith Piszyk, OSBM
Dedicated to all priests because they give us the Eucharist

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