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Holy Saturday

Calm, pain-bitten by the hours
The smell of myrrh and early spring flowers
Set fragrance in the air as mist of odor
In wisps to comfort us for what we felt There

Here a sigh, there a tear, endless pain
Never to see Him, never again
We hoped so much, that, now all gone
Anoint we the Body at early dawn

The Sabbath is like none we’ve ever known
We can only cry, we can only moan
Death is so deep a sorrow, so lasting, so sure
Can we, but for hope in Him, ever endure?

Common noise surrounds us yet silent each heart
Which has loved Him, bitter fruit makes us part
But for the hope that we will see Him again
Our dirge would be a long lasting refrain

Did they have to beat Him, press thorns on His head?
Was it not enough that He would be dead?
Why all the torture had He to endure
Was He such a threat, their evil so pure?

Come, Dawn, that His Body we may again see
Though our tears now form an endless mystic sea
Quicken the moments so that you can arrive
So we can see Him as when He was alive

As the dawn comes let us each early rise
As we see the brilliant sun in the azure skies
Let us gaze on the Face that blossomed God before our eyes
In this wilderness each broken heart cries

Lord, we are coming in sorrow now bent
In tears these hours we have all spent
Love comes to You in hearts where it will endure
In life as in death, You have made them pure

Sr. Judith Piszyk, OSBM

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