Praying, Healing, Life Giving Presence


Is she walking side by side by me
Like a nymph, teasing my soul,
Or is she wrapped around me in subtle silence,
Invisible to my eyes?
Is she shrouded in a pride too vast to see,
Laughing at my blindness

To see her non-existence in me?
Does she sprout wells of water deep inside me
Only sprinkling my outer gaze
Keeping aloof less the well run dry?
Or does she sleep content
Deep within me,
Assured she is there though unknown to me?

Pray God
She at least exists,
For were she just a phantom
Wooing me
In a non-existent Existence,
How deluded were I to find her
A disguised spirit of pride,
Wrapping my being
In a violent delusion of spiritual death.

Pray God,
Pray she be a mysterious existence
Deep in who I am in You
And Who You are in me.


Jottings by Judith Home


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