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I walk on water

I walk on water as I reach out my hand to You, Lord
With eyes cast upon You waiting for me across the sea
Strong is my faith, You will lead me across the waves
Across life s pathway You have ever guided me.

I walk secure; naught touches me of life s unknown
Have I not my eyes upon You as I tread along?
Confident, certain of Your every care, Your constant refuge
Certain that with You I will ever be strong.

I walk on water, waves begin to splash against my skin
I feel the wetness, cold drenching my once warm flesh
Turning to see the water s height, fear overcomes me
I lose the sight of Your protective creche.

Sinking, for I have lost Your assuring sight
Lord, save me, groans my agonizing cry
Lord, spare me, these raging , cold waters abate
Without Your help, Lord, surely I will die.

Is My outstretched Hand still not a beacon for you
That fear tears your once strong faith from your heart
Am I not here, even as waves batter across the sea
As the winds endeavor to blow the waters apart?

I am still waiting for you on the sheltering shore
Walk firmly child; take My outstretched Hand
No depth of water will carry you away from Me
I have destined that you safely reach the security of land.


Jottings by Judith Home


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