Praying, Healing, Life Giving Presence

The Jordan Man

As he walked along the shore
Sand wept for the pain
That bruised His feet
Water danced its course
In ripples of merriment
At the joy of His presence
His smile caressing the waves
In gratitude

Rocks in rugged attention
Stood guard against
The moments of Time
In reverence
Before the Creator's entrance
In Time of moments sublime

The Jordan Man came and
Life was washed
Of the pain of sin
Anticipating His Blood bath
For which He had come

The Jordan Man
Regal in bearing as elegant humility
Silent in what His bearing said
Still against His Father's Voice

The Spirit
Hovering over Him
Spoke Trinity
In Its stillness and
God was there
His Mother watched within her heart
Clasping hands which had bathed Him
In these waters when they had fled at night

The leaves gently waved their obeisance
Before the steady Body
Poised to receive their shade
Before the desert wrath

Drenched in glistening waters
Serene against the sky
Eternity stood and
Life was embellished
By the existence
Of the Jordan Man.

by Sr. Judith Piszyk, OSBM

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