Praying, Healing, Life Giving Presence


Joseph steadied the donkey, his Beloved rode heavy with Child
Across a plain of Judea through the cold night near a desert wild
His thoughts, deep and enduring, of angels and God-prepared words
Messages in their promised fulfillment, first by ancient prophets heard

He would be father to the Creator, nearing His birth in their humble town
What measure of grace had God given him, grace of such great renown
Could he provide for and protect her and her so human
Baby His thoughts thus soared like waves through a stormy sea

Not even room for them as they wandered the town of his birth
No room for God’s Treasure, the Jewel of such worth
Plead, Joseph, implore for the Mother and her eternal God-Child
Beg a birth place for the One Who soon in Egypt will be exiled

Kindle the wood, Joseph, a fire burn up toward the skies
In the damp cold you can hear the Baby’s entreating cries
Keep them warm, your Son and His sweet Mother In this
Family, how profoundly you love one another!

Lo, shepherds come to gaze at the Wonder before them
The shepherdess, in joy, hums a lullaby for Him
“Well done”, Mary calls out to the righteous man
He has completed a great part of the Maker’s plan

Sr. Judith Piszyk, OSBM

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