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Lead Me, Lord

You made known Your way to Moses
Israel, like I, had to live in complete faith
The fire does not burn in my bush
Like Israel, I must stand by and wait

Israel courageously came to its Red Sea
I falter when high waters threaten me
But if You lead me and clear the paths
The walls of water will not seem a great sea

Jericho's stones fell at the sound of the trumpets
Help mine to crash gently as they fall
I do not always see clouds and fire before me
Though stones crash, may I always stand tall

May the Rahabs along the way protect me
Though sinful, I am no better than they
So often they saved me from disasters
So often a red scarf saved my disarray

Take the stone of my heart, it is so hardened
Write Your will upon its flattened flesh
Your words may press upon my desires
Grace can always make their desires mesh

Give me a Jericho of new beginnings
That might be fruit and honey to my soul
Leaving my Egypt of complacent living
Will be a most worthy God -given goal

Sr. Judith Piszyk, OSBM

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