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My Body

I gaze upon you, Body, lying in the grave
The pain gone, the blood no longer oozes, wet
Evil needed blotting from the earth
In chaos, evil and I have met

Even the earth trembled at My death
Body, You convulsed, the curtain tore,
Pain fulfilled its stabbing of My Flesh
The Flesh that from My Mother’s womb I bore

I gaze upon You before I breathe into You again
How You have served Me, My three and thirty years
How oft’ in silence I have bemused their many sins
Streaming across Your Face the many tears

I gaze upon You before I breathe into You again
Rise, that mankind may share Your eternity
I rise for them, strong, eternal, My Father’s Son
I stand in the beauty of Your glory

Stand, Alleluia, rise My Flesh
Angels look in awe at the risen Son
Sing Alleluia, Alleluia through the skies
I lay here dead but I have won

Now, to My Mother, Body, speed
Pain enough she has known these hours
Glory now she must only share
She, My Virgin Mother, earth’s fairest Flower

Sr. Judith Piszyk, OSBM

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