Praying, Healing, Life Giving Presence

A Nun's Lullaby

I shall never see your pink face nestled close to my heart
But that is what I understood from the very start
You shall never clasp your tiny hand round my finger tips
I shall never close your eyes of blue with my lips

I shall never curl your hair lathered in shampoo
I shall never make a trinket of your baby shoe
I shall never dry your tears or kiss away the pain
I shall never hear you make the noises of the train

You shall never call my name or smile to see my face
You shall never say of me that none can take my place
You shall never bring me flowers or sing a baby song
You shall never hold my hand as we walk along

Do I miss you, they must wonder who cannot comprehend?
You are like the life I forfeit for my friend
You are like the trust I place in God’ s deep mysteries
I have lost no more than God did when He made the seas

You are what it takes to make the lily pure
You are why I know each day that I will endure
You are like the breezes blowing which cannot be seen
You are what I give my Maker for a peace serene

Your life is the one I offer for a greater one
You’ re the star I set aside that I might have the Sun
You shall never know the price I paid; they’ ll not understand
But God and I, for all the ages, shall walk hand in Hand


Jottings by Judith Home


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