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Choirs of angels gave you a message?
Only the Archangel Gabriel spoke to me
But the words he spoke in secret
Came from the same Voice of Eternity.

A star shone far across the desert?
Only a donkey led to Elizabeth's door
But the faith that bade us to travel
Is what Abraham had, yea, and more.

God, You'll call Your Son out of Egypt
When in Bethlehem You had Him born?
Trust will guide us in our journey
Joseph, me, the Babe I cradle this morn.

How, God, in the tears You are crying
Can I not see distance and time?
Eternity lifts Fingers to grasp me
With the Hands of this Son Who is mine.

Deep in my heart I've these musings
You made my soul to cradle them in faith
With the angels, the prophets and Joseph
Your handmaid, Lord, will nurture You and wait.

Sr. Judith Piszyk, OSBM

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