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The Prodigal's Contrition

The Prodigal's Contrition

My feet are sore; I've traveled down a lonely path
A path beset with danger, as with darkened roads
Made weak with sickness, I've come to be cured
And lay before Your Feet my heavy, worthless load

My heart is burdened with a guilt You understand
I promised not to roam, but then I broke my vow
Here, at Your Feet, I kneel with this one humble plea
Think not of what is passed, but only of the now

I left with treasures others never did receive
And tossed them, heedless of their worth, into the air
Now I kneel in sorrow, begging back the grace
Of which i never did deserve to share

I plead forgiveness for the way I broke Your Heart
For what is worse, the times I only passed You by
Remember not the grief I made Your Spirit bear
But that it is for such as me You chose Your Son to die

I never want the thought of what my sins deserve
To be the reason for the sorrow that I hold
I only want to realize that I've caused You pain
And fled the comfort of the home which You call fold

I only want to know You'll take me back, again
I do not need the sandals or the brilliant ring
I will not need a feast or garments bright and gay
If only once again You raise Your Voice to sing

Sr. Judith Piszyk, OSBM


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