Praying, Healing, Life Giving Presence


I will create rivers in your heart
That will gush forth springs born into oceans
The power will drown you in its depth of existence

I will pour the air of the Holy Spirit as a breeze
Blowing thunderous winds to purify you

I will name you with a name you have never heard
It will be a sweet nectar of love from Me

I will give new cells of growth to your heart
That its capacity to love Me will be a new bond

I will hear your prayers with an ear of fulfillment
To enrich you with a new treasure-house of blessings

I will give you a new purity of spirit
So that your sins will be purified in resurrection

I will give you fresh insight into the Scriptures
So that you may hear Me in a new way

I will give you a new silence
To hear Me more gently, more profoundly
And the quiet will alarm you into a new awareness of Me

I will give you a burst of new hope
That you might envision the future I see

I, your God, know where you will walk
I know the ground you will traverse

You will know a new rapture in Me
You will know that I AM God

Sr. Judith Piszyk, OSBM

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