Praying, Healing, Life Giving Presence

Temple Entrance

Gently walk into the temple of God
Join the handmaids of the holy Lord
Sing the song that nestles in your heart
Chant with all the virgins in accord

Lift your young heart to Almighty God
Let Him hear the voice of your sweet praise
He awaits your presence in His home
Lovingly He smiles upon your gaze

Angels will prepare you for your work
Your womb will nourish the Son of God
Gabriel stands before you in awe
Someday into your home he will trod

He will bear words for no other ears
His words will usher the Spirit’s flame
He will tell you of the birth of God
He will give to you His holy Name

Walk gently into the temple of God
Gently He will make you his Mother
Though Virgin you will always remain
Yes, He will make you like no other

Walk gently, dear Mary, maiden fair
Into God’s realm you will walk serene
One day, to stand beside your God-Son
In His great temple as heaven’s Queen

Sr. Judith Piszyk, OSBM

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