Praying, Healing, Life Giving Presence

Ukraine 2014

Butterfly hope of Resurrection
In your fluttering away from bondage
Take courage in your weakness
For you have wings to fly away from the storms of iniquity
Which surround you, warmed by the Omophora of the Bohorodiche

Speak to the world of our journey to freedom
By your vigilance, your determination,
Your forgiveness of wrongdoings against you

Speak to the world in your work, your leadership
Toward peaceful change in forming a new history
For yourself; a new history for the world

Give the wheat of your life-giving hope
The skies of your soaring for higher, greater things
A ship of traversing in our voyage of life

Breathe the new air of determination for betterment
In your world of desires for a renewed
United land of the steppes


Jottings by Judith Home


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