Praying, Healing, Life Giving Presence

Welcome Jesus

Tendered on earth by the love of His Father
The little Lord Jesus cried His first tears
May kissed away His sorrow, lending
Comfort as she would for many years

Welcome, welcome, welcome little Jesus
Welcome to our eager hearts we pray
Welcome with the love You bring us
Holy Lord Jesus, ever with us stay (Refrain)

Holy He lay on hay sweet smelling
Warmed by oxen breath and Mother-love
Wisdom stored in Flesh for tomorrow’s teachings
Sheltered by angels and a Holy Dove

Mary fed Him in the humble stable
Joseph’s fires lit to keep Him warm
Ever watchful for His safety
Keeping Him from every known harm

Angels sang their joyous alleluias
Seeing that God the Savior is born
Wrapped in glad wonder they beheld Him
In swaddling infant clothes so newly worn

Shepherds knelt and gazed in rapt wonder
Knowing that He, God, must be adored
Knowing that He must be the Savior
They bowed down before the Holy Lord

Orient kings rode in the night moonbeams
Bringing gifts and honor for a King
Following a Star of greatest splendor
Golden treasures for the Lord to bring

Sr. Judith Piszyk, OSBM


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