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Basilian Associates Program

The Sisters of the Order of Saint Basil the Great believe that prayer is a force that can and should be shared with others.  It was this generosity of spirit, born of circumstance and continued through tradition, that inspired the Sisters of Jesus, Lover of Humanity Province to establish the Basilian Associates Program.

The program was created to offer men and women of varied circumstances the shared experience of coming together and engaging in the spirit and the mission of the Basilian Sisters.  Encouraged to use their gifts and their talents in service to others, Basilian Associates commit themselves to prayer and spiritual self-enrichment. Many Associates choose to honor this covenant by formally rededicating themselves to the principles it promotes.  Its members meet regularly to pray portions of the Divine Office and to learn about and experience the Basilian spirit, identity, and mission.


Associates dedicate themselves to:

v     Devote time daily to reading Scripture, meditation, and recitation of Psalms.

v     Participate in the celebration of Divine Liturgy in their local parishes.

v     Join the Basilian community in Liturgical Worship and Days of Prayer.

v     Use their gifts and talents in service to their parish ministries, Basilian ministries, and people in need.

v     Pursue continuing education and other challenges that enable and empower personal growth and spiritual development.

Admission to the Basilian Associate Program begins with an application, a personal interview, and an orientation session.

Commitment to the Basilian Associate Program does not involve vows or communal living.  Candidates prepare for membership in the program by learning about the Basilian spirit, identity, and mission, meeting with a current member on a regular basis, and attending gatherings of Associates.


For more information on the Basilian Associate program
please contact Sister Rita Stremba (Director) or Sister Germaine Senita (Assistant Director)
 at 215.379.3998.

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