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March 15, 2024
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Mother Danyila Vynnyk, OSBM and Sister Lucia Murashko, OSBM pose with Father Jack Wall, president of Catholic Extension Society.

We had a wonderful celebration for the reception of the Lumen Christi Award by the Sisters of the Order of Saint Basil the Great on February 22 at the Ukrainian Educational and Cultural Center.

The food was delicious, the speakers were moving, and the energy in the room was electric! People are still talking about what an incredible occasion this was and how it energized the community.

So many people, organizations, and Church institutions are as dedicated as ever to helping war victims in Ukraine and war refugees in America. The partnerships on display in February are growing stronger with each day.

Now, Catholic Sisters Week, observed annually March 8-14, offers yet another opportunity to celebrate our Sisters by shining a light on their spirituality, mission, and community-building work.

The spirituality of the Sisters of the Order of Saint Basil the Great may be summed up in one line: Bringing the praying, healing, and life-giving presence of Jesus Christ to others.

Everything they do is animated by this principle, from pastoral care of Ukrainian soldiers to bringing simple comforts to those caught in the throes of addiction on Philadelphia’s streets. Your support makes their ministry possible. Thank you.

All proceeds will go to the St. Basil Support Ministry, which serves those in need, and the Sisters’ ministries in Ukraine. You can make a difference through your donation in the lives of Ukrainian refugees on both sides of the Atlantic!