Chapter Mandate

Chapter Mandate

Embracing The New Reality 2016-2017

As we continue to live our five-year plan (2015-2020) we are keenly aware of the challenges before us and the opportunities for new life and new ways of being. As we embark on this journey of preserving our mission and identity through sponsorship of our institutions, and through our commitment to deepen our communion with one another and God through our vowed life, we trust that God is with us and that our efforts will be blessed.

Sisters of the Order of Saint Basil the Great

Priority One

We embrace wholeheartedly the continuance of our Basilian identity and our mission into the future.

Priority Two

We embrace the mystery of all creation recognizing that nurturing and sustaining relationship with God, Earth, one another, and those we serve is at the heart of the mystery. We commit ourselves to make visible in our lives by…

  • finding ways to attract new members
  • living authentic community modeled on the first community of Jerusalem
  • ministering to the poor
  • collaborating with Holy Trinity Province in Ukraine

We commit ourselves to the sustainability of our Basilian Mission and Identity for future generations through participation in the NRRO planning and implementation process.