"Come... Be Generous ... Give splendidly to those in need." —Saint Basil the Great

Becoming a Sister of the Order of Saint Basil the Great

Jesus, Lover of Humanity Province

While there are many ways to answer God’s call, one of the challenging and noble ways to do so is to choose a life consecrated to God in service to humanity. It is a journey of commitment and re-commitment to God’s eternal love expressed through the deeds of those who have dedicated themselves to making the world a better place through prayer, through healing, and by being a life-giving presence in the lives of others.

Spiritual Journey

  • Candidacy

    A time to walk with a Sister companion to determine suitability for religious life, including monthly weekend visits to share in the prayer and community life of the Sisters. Candidates still reside at home.

  • Postulancy

    One year to become acquainted with essentials of living the life of a religious.

  • Novitiate

    Two year spiritual formation including ministry experience.

  • Temporary Professed

    Five year period in temporary vows.

  • Final Vows

    Permanent commitment to God and the community.

Are you willing to make this journey?

It is a choice that each Sister of the Order Saint Basil the Great has made and we invite you to explore the path we have chosen and to walk with us.

If you have experienced a tug in your heart toward religious life, could it be God pulling the string?

And if you have answered “yes” or even “maybe” to these questions, perhaps you have found an answer to the questions you have been asking yourself.

It is time for you to ask more questions and seek more answers!

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