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Basilian Associates of Parma Renew Covenant

July 16, 2016
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In preparation for renewing their covenant relationship with the Sisters of the Order of Saint Basil the Great, the members of the Basilian Associate Program of the Parma, Ohio, Eparchy gathered for a day of spiritual renewal Saturday, July 16, 2016, at Saint Andrew Ukrainian Catholic Church in Parma.

Sister Ann Laszok, OSBM acted as facilitator for the day. After the celebration of the Divine Liturgy, Sister Ann guided the retreatants through the day’s schedule of conferences, silent reflection and sharing, in preparation for the Saturday evening Divine Liturgy of commitment.

Taking part in exploring the retreat’s theme, “Theosis: Our Journey to the Unknown (God),” in preparation for the renewal of their commitment were Lay Associates Audrey Fedak, Oksana Szepiwdycz, Andrew Szepiwdycz and Martha Weigand of Saint Josaphat Cathedral Parish and Margaret Jane Zysek of Saint Andrew Parish. Other participants in the day of prayer were Chris Hlabse, Stefan Mural, Kotya Malanchuk and Daria Sopka. All were deeply touched by Sister Ann’s presentation especially Martha who commented that she could not “name some of the wonderful spiritual lights that struck my heart during Sister Ann’s talk but they were there and touched my mind and soul and enlarged my spiritual capacity to love and serve our Lord.”

At the end of the Saturday evening Divine Liturgy, Sister Olga Marie Faryna, OSBM, Regional Director of the Parma Basilian Associates, called forth each member to renew his/her personal profession of the spiritual covenant and to receive and enjoy the congratulations of the parish congregation. Stefan made his first commitment.

Sister Dorothy Ann Busowski, OSBM, Provincial Superior, who travelled from Fox Chase to be with the associates on their special day, offered words of congratulations. Sister spoke of the bondedness and special relationship… “a covenant relationship – One in Spirit – to each other, to the Sisters and to the Church.”

Women and men are invited to consider deepening their baptismal commitment by sharing in the life of prayer, community and service of the Order of the Sisters of Saint Basil the Great, Jesus Lover of Humanity Province. Those interested in more information about the Basilian Associate Program may contact:

Sister Olga Marie Faryna, OSBM

Sister Rita Stremba, OSBM

“The lovableness of the physically and mentally challenged children I meet always touches my heart,” said Sister Ann. “In reflecting upon my visit, I see a great need for evangelization and catechesis in Eastern Ukraine.”

In addition to their goodwill visits to the various institutions, Sister Joann, Sister Ann Mary, Ksenia, Larissa and Maria toured Zaporicke Sitch Museum, met with Bishop Stepan Meniok, Exarch of Donets’k and Kharkiv and then paid their respects at the crypts of Cardinal Sylvester Sembratovych, Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky, Cardinal Josef Slypyj and Cardinal Myroslav Ivan Lubachivsky at St. George Cathedral in Lviv. “The highlight of all my trips to Ukraine is always visiting the crypt in St. George Cathedral in Lviv, “commented Sister Ann. “Praying at the tomb of Metropolitan Sheptytsky is so awesome considering all he did for our Church. I feel especially close to him and remember all the people who have asked for prayers and for those who contributed to the needy.”

On Tuesday, June 18, the day of their departure, the Mission Group expressed their appreciation for their prayers and hospitality to the Sisters of St. Basil of the Holy Trinity Province, some of whom accompanied them to various destinations and helped to make their visit a memorable experience.

For further information on participating or supporting the Basilian Volunteer Outreach—-


Sister Ann Laszok,OSBM

Sister Joann Sosler,OSBM
215-379-3998 ext. 16