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Celebrating Sister Joann

November 17, 2015
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We gather today to recognize Sister Joann for the sum total of 23 years as Province Treasurer. Sister Joann, I am sure that you will agree that there have been many plus and minuses to your position. We admire your ability to divide them accordingly. No doubt you were faced with many fluctuations but you were not bullish about it. Facing it squarely you did not speculate but you accrued your time and efforts on behalf of the Province. You kept to you p’s and q’s as you kept track of the S & P’s. You realize that your net asset consists in your ability to keep our books reconciled and to give credit where credit was due.

One of the fringe benefits of your position was your adherence to the Open Market and your ability to add to the profitability of Sam’s future. I know you would rather not trade this experience for it has been an investment in your future and the future earnings of the Sisters in our Province. Most important I think you will agree that the capital gain has been your relationship with the Province Financial Advisory Board and members of the SBA Finance Committee, the Province Safety Committee and the Board of Advisors for SBA.

There have been some liabilities incurred such as overtime, fatigue and worry about the recovery of the market. But with great liquidity you faced this curve and did not hedge. You preferred to place your stock in Treasury futures and capital assets. You did not feel any devaluation because your net worth was in the capital asset of creating an office that functioned efficiently and credit rich.

We thank you for the many tasks you performed – making sure that column A equaled column B; managing our stocks and bonds; overseeing the insurance rates of both our property and the sisters and employee benefits; guaranteeing our retirement portfolio was adequately funded; spending hours on the phone negotiating with social security personnel, that is once they finally answered; responding to the many requests for petty cash; balancing the budget and keeping the credit collectors away from our door step.

We acknowledge that you were more than the sum total of your position as Province Treasurer as you were able to balance those responsibilities with an active prayer life; attending to on-going formation; acting as my assistant; ministering to the less fortunate in Ukraine; serving as vocation co-director; hair dresser; driver; Provincial Councilor; hanging curtains and being the liaison with Sisters Roman, Teodora and Elizabeta. With all those responsibilities you accumulated great wealth and your earnings have certainly come with a blue chip quality. The forecast for your future looks positive as your move into the area closest to your heart and that is going after preferred stock – new members for our community. We pray that you not only reach the benchmark but that the yield is greater than the initial investment.

In all seriousness Sister Joann, with profound gratitude, we say thank you for a job well done. We thank you for bringing our Finance Office into the 21st century and leaving with us debt free. With that in mind we ask God to bless you as you move to a more challenging ministry. We wish you health, happiness and many happy year. Mnohiya I Blahaya Lita!