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Jubilee Celebration 2022

July 7, 2022
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The Sisters of St. Basil gathered in the Holy Trinity Chapel of their Fox Chase Motherhouse to celebrate the combined years of faithful service of nine Jubilarians:

Sister Marina Bochnewich, 71 years, Mother Georgianna Snihur, a member of the Contemplative Nuns of the Order of St. Basil the Great, recently relocated to Fox Chase, 70 years, Sister Miriam Claire Kowal, 70 years, Sister Maria Rozmarynowycz, 65 years, Sister Dia Stasiuk of the Holy Trinity Province in Ukraine, 65 years, Sister Susanne Matwijiw, 60 years, Sister Germaine Senita, 60 years, Sister Teodora Kopyn, 25 years and Sister Demetria Tydir of the Holy Trinity Province in Ukraine, 25 years.

During his homily, Motherhouse chaplain, Father John Ciurpita, cited the Sisters’ admirable decision to choose monastic life to serve God and others and stay faithful to that decision these many years.

Before receiving the Holy Eucharist, the Jubilarians once again affirmed that commitment by publicly renewing their vows as Sisters of the Order of St. Basil the Great.

At the end of Liturgy, con-celebrant Father Volodymyr Radko offered additional congratulations and prayed that God’s blessings would continue upon the Jubilarians.

At the celebratory dinner that followed, Master of Ceremony, Sister Monica Lesnick, proposed a toast to the nine Sisters and several of the jubilarians related significant steps taken on their journey to their chosen vocation.

Provincial Superior Sister Joann Sosler thanked the Jubilarians for their commendable efforts, reminding them of all the lives they had touched during their many years of dedicated service to the People of God and the Basilian Order.

The Sisters Jubilarians gratefully received the congratulations of the members of their Community and voices were raised in song to wish them “Many Happy Years.”