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Jubilee Celebration 2024

June 21, 2024
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On the occasion of the Jubilee of Sisters Chrysostom, Theodosia, Ann, Monica, and Bernadette Sister Dorothy Ann shared the following reflection:

Sister Chrysostom attended the Academy of the Sister Servants in Sloatsburg, NY before entering the Order of the Sisters of St. Basil the Great.  She contributed much in her 70 years in the Jesus, Lover of Humanity Province as principal and as teacher in a variety of parishes – Newark, New Jersey, Parma Ohio, Chicago, Illinois. Her beautiful smile and lovely voice endeared her to the students, priest, and fellow teachers. Now, Sister is a model to others as she accepts the cross that God has asked her to carry. But her sweet smile and wonderful voice continue to inspire us in so many ways.

Sister Theodosia, I think Pope Francis had you in mind when he lamented that “it is so sad to see consecrated men and women who have no sense of humor”.  To be in relationship with Jesus, he said, is “to have the capacity that holiness gives us to have a sense of humor”.  I just love sitting with you and spending time listening to your many stories.  I don’t know which one I love the best – they are all so human and so funny. I am sure that through these 75 years you brought joy and laughter to innumerable faculty, students, and sisters. Those who served with you at St. Basil Academy and St. George Academy in New York will ever remember you for your quick wit and gestures of kindness.  You truly exemplify the joy of being a spouse of Christ.

Back row – Sister Monica Lesnick, Mother Bernadette Reshetylo, Sister Ann Laszok. Front row – Sister Theodosia Lukiw, Sister Chrysostom Lukiw.

We thank you for sharing the gifts of tenderness and laughter with us.

Sister Ann, you have so many gifts that you share with us – actually, with the entire Order. From your outgoing personality to your ever curious mind you find ways to share Christ – through various outlets of the media.  Your insatiable desire to make the Ukrainian Catholic Church known is a gift not only to the Universal Church but to us as well. Your journey has taken you from Newark, NJ, to Fox Chase, to Watervliet, NY, and then out West to the Pittsburgh vicinity.  Like the confluence of the three rivers there, so too have you brought together Eastern spirituality, worship, and diaconia. We thank you for making the world more aware of our traditions and spirituality.

Sister Monica, our own “Energizer Bunny”. You are amazing as you buzz around serving in many capacities.  Your love for the poor and underprivileged knows no bounds as you pick up, pack up, and put out food for those in need every week.  You step up and step out in numerous ways.  Also, your passion for teaching was so evident at St. George Academy, Manor College, and Holy Family University.  But I think what is most outstanding is your love for the stage. Your rendition of “I could have danced all night” outshines even Deborah Kerr in the “King and I”.  May your energy never wane, and your smile never fade.

Sister Bernadette, I remember when you entered the Novitiate here in Fox Chase.  Your deep love of God and your spirituality were evident as you bounced around – literally.  You would float into Chapel, make a deep bow, and then return to your seat.  You prayed, you sang, and you worked shoulder to shoulder with the rest of us in Novitiate with love and in sistership.  Then you decided you wanted to pursue something deeper – a deeper calling to the Contemplative branch of the Order of the Sisters of Saint Basil the Great.  That took you to the Contemplative Monastery of our Order in Astoria, NY and then eventually to Middletown, NY. Full circle you came back to reside with us in Fox Chase.  You bounce a little less now but that has not changed your deep love of God and your devotion and love for the Order of the Sisters of Saint Basil the Great. We thank you for sharing the gifts of tenderness and laughter with us.