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New Vision of the UGCC

March 31, 2021
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The new vision of the Church: We must step down from our pedestals and heal human wounds.

On the occasion of the 10th Anniversary, His Beatitude Sviatoslav, Father and Head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, expressed his new vision of the UGCC during the program “Moving Forward Together.”

In the words of His Beatitude Sviatoslav: “Go, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit” – is actually the development strategy of the Church.

Pastoral conversion must be the key to our strategy.

  1. From seeking honors to healing the wounds of contemporary society
  2. To teach is not to reprimand. We must teach not with the power of authority, but the power of example
  3. The Church cannot but administer the Holy Mysteries-Sacraments.
  4. We must move from an image of the Church as an ossified institution, to the Church as a living community of faithful
  5. The Church is a community of solidarity, where we are all called to exchange our gifts, and then they will never be lacking for us.

“His Beatitude Sviatoslav stands before the great God, and he feels God’s peace and God’s joy in his heart. He raises us with a kind word. He encourages young and old. He defends those who are at the front, in the Crimea, those who are disadvantaged. And how many beautiful carols His Beatitude sang together with the needy on Christmas Eve in Kyiv!”
–Bishop Borys Gudziak, Metropolitan-Archbishop of Philadelphia