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Sister Vladimira, Teacher and Role Model

April 15, 2019
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Sister Vladimira, Teacher and Role Model

Many years ago a nun came into my life who helped mold me into an adult who possesses a strong love of God, of our beautiful Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and of our rich Ukrainian heritage.

As a boy enrolled in public school, three late afternoons each week and much of every Saturday I attended what we called “Sister School” taught by the Sisters of St. Basil the Great at St. Vladimir Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Over the years a number of good Sisters were assigned to our Scranton church, but there is one who has remained indelibly etched in my memory – Sister Vladimira. She was a gentle soul who loved her calling in life and the people both young and old with whom she came into contact. In so many ways she was a walking encyclopedia full of useful information not only about the world in general but about the Church and all things Ukrainian. It was so easy to learn from Sister because she was gifted as an educator and related so easily to children. She taught us our catechism, prepared us for First Holy Communion, helped us with reading and writing in Ukrainian and even made some of us into pretty good singers especially of Ukrainian Easter hymns, Christmas Carols and folksongs. Sister wisely reminded us that when we sing the Divine Liturgy and at all church services, we pray twice.

Sister had no favorites – all of us kids were her favorites. Everyone loved Sister Vladimira – she was a Sister’s Sister and a beautiful, kind human being with a delightful sense of humor. God sure knew what He was doing when he made her. And what a memory she had! One autumn day after nearly forty years had passed I was strolling the grounds of St. Basil Academy at Fox Chase and spotted a nun who appeared to resemble Sister Vladimira . As I approached her my mind was telling me that it couldn’t be her, yet when she saw me she called out “Pavlooshu” the name my beloved Bobcia had given me as a young boy. What a joyful reunion that was after so many years.

Rest in Everlasting Peace Sister Vladimira!
Vichnaya Pamyat!
You are forever in my memory and in my prayers.

Remembered fondly by Paul Ewasko