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Sisters of Saint Basil Hold Chapter of Elections

June 15, 2015
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Steer the ship of our lives, Lord. Renew in us the gift of discernment, so that we can see the right direction in which we should go. Show us the course we should take for our future and give us the courage to choose it.

For the past year the Sisters of the Order of Saint Basil the Great have offered this prayer together in preparation for their June, 2015, Provincial Chapter which would center on electing a new Governing Council for a 2015-2020 term and continue deliberations on the future of the Province.

On Sunday, June 21, Provincial Superior Sister Dorothy Ann Busowski, OSBM, declared the opening of the Chapter and delivered her five year report on the State of the Province.

In keeping with the Chapter’s theme, “Call to the Unknown”, a presentation by Brother James Butler, FSC, President of LaSalle College High School, Challenges of Change and Governance, provided valuable insight into the steps the Christian Brothers have taken to assure the survival of their Lasallian Legacy in their educational institutions. “We are concerned with how to continue our charism–our gift to the Church,” said Brother James. The presentation provided helpful material for discussion for the sessions on governance that followed.

On Monday, June 22, the Outgoing Leadership were honored at dinner where outgoing Provincial Councilors were thanked for their service, dedication and efforts for the community during their five-year term in office. Those honored were: Sister Dorothy Ann Busowski, Provincial Superior, Sister Joann Sosler, Assistant Provincial Superior, Sister Maria Rozmarynowycz, 2nd Councilor, Sister Ann Laszok, 3rd Councilor, and Sister Clement Bartholomew, 4th Councilor.

Another guest speaker, Sister Merilyn Ryan, SSJ, in her Reflections on Leadership, expanded on the importance of the three L’s of Leadership: Listen, Learn, Love. Sister’s presentation provided material for the delegates’ reflecting on the qualities of a good leader and served as a segue to Wednesday’s election which resulted in the following:

Elected to the Provincial Council of the Sisters of Saint Basil, Jesus Lover of Humanity Province for the 2015-2020 term of office were: Sister Dorothy Ann Busowski, Provincial Superior, Sister Joann Sosler, Assistant Provincial Superior and 1st Councilor, Sister Ann Laszok, 2nd Councilor and Sister Miriam Claire Kowal, 3rd Councilor. Assisting in the election process and serving also as facilitator for the entire Chapter was Sister Carol Marozzi, SSJ.

During the Rite of Installation in the Motherhouse Chapel of the Most Holy Trinity, the newly-elected professed their willingness “to serve the Triune God, the Church and this Community …as members of the Provincial Council for the next five years.”

Congratulations, prayers and good wishes were offered at the dinner that followed.